How we work at Einfoway

"Do it Right the First Time to Save a Lot"

Yes - as a Service-oriented Company in providing Complete Web Solutions for our Online Customers, this is our Motto throughout, for whatever purpose you approach us.

Warping a Perfect Understanding:

The moment you approach us for any service, the phase of understanding between us begins. This can be possible by open and transparent discussion, without inhibitions. You need not have any apprehension in detailing everything with us, as complete confidentiality will be kept by Einfoway Consultancy Services. You should understand that no detail is less important, in so far as it helps us to serve you with full knowledge, about your proposed or existing website in designing, developing, floating and popularizing and allied services required by you. Our relationship will thus grow, using this perfect understanding as the stepping stone.

Viewing Your Website from User-perspective:

Your need for our services may be varied - be it website creation, software development, offshore outsourcing, software outsourcing, or any web application development etc. Ultimately, everything pertains to a website online. The very objective of your creating and floating a website online is to draw huge customer-traffic, from across the world and do business with them. Therefore, we attach high importance to happy consumer experience when they are at your website. All our services, consultancy, or software solutions will focus this aspect from start to finish. Ultimately, you stand to gain a lot by the functionality features, web applications and software installations making the consumer highly pleased, with your site's performance.

Valuing each Website as a distinct entity:

The technology applications will be one and the same for web coding, marking, designing, developing, CMS configuration, software development, web applications compliance etc. But we very well bear the fact in mind that your website is distinctly unique for your business, among millions. So our professionals will strive hard to build your brand, your goodwill and you identity separately, as always in your website.

Giving predominant preference to your wishes:

The Blueprint and Prototype of your website design, color themes, graphics, fonts, and web content are finalized by our experts, in complete concurrence with you. We use our expertise in improvising the best creativity possible for all the above, but ultimately the website will conform to your wishes and visions, as how you want to reach your consumers. Thus you derive 100% satisfaction on the total outcome.

Providing the cutting-edge to your website:

Responsive Web Designing is the buzz word of Internet today. With neck-breaking speed of technology advancements, website creation has taken a new dimension totally. Sophisticated computing devices with more sophisticated web servers and operating systems shun the old and outdated web designing practices followed. Therefore, using the modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and marking up, your website will appear in any web screen, any web device and in any web browser all over the world within micro-seconds, adjusting automatically to the size of the screen. We ensure this 100%.

Taking your content managers along:

Our professionals make it a point to design, develop and deliver a website that is perfectly self-sufficient and easy to handle, by press of some buttons. Web Content is the predominant factor in pulling web traffic and your content managers will find it hassle-free to edit, alter, amend, add or amend the web design and content the way you want, using the Dashboard system. Our professionals will be only too happy to train your personnel in this, if needed.

Launching your site on the High Street and Monitoring:

Einfoway consider it their bounded duty, to make your site's launching perfect by firing all the engines on the Internet, and getting it recognized by popular Search Engines through appropriate SEO. Analytic software will be in place to assess the site's performance constantly and take corrective action, if needed. You will get meaningful Reviews from us, three months after launch for adjusting the conversion rate suitably, if the need be.